O'Brien Aluminium Pty Ltd

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2 Blackman Crescent, South Windsor NSW 2756
Ph:(02) 4587 9766 Fax: (02) 4587 9726

Steel Tray Bodies

Fully Welded Construction - Built To Last

Tube Head Board Style

3" Steel Tube HeadBoard

3 Std Sizes;

1811mmx1855mm - suits dual cabs

2085mmx1855mm - suits most extra/space cabs

2471mmx1855mm - suit most single cabs

Standard Features;

250mm High Dropsides

Head Board Mesh Cabin Protection

Tail Light Protection

Integrated Front Step

Full Length Rope Rail

Abrasive Blast, Zinc Primed, Powder Coated finish

3 Year Warranty

H Frame Head Board Style

65mm x 35mm RHS frame Head Board

3 Std Sizes;

1800mmx1855mm - suits most dual cabs

2074mmx1855mm - suits most extra/space cabs

2460mmx1855mm - suit most single cabs

Optional Features;

Dropsides to Specified Height

Rear Ladder Rack Removeable or Fixed.

Head Board/ Ladder Rack Hand Holds,
Fixed or Removeable Pins.

Galvanised Tie Downs

Profiled Steel Under Body Tool Box

Under Body Plastic Water Tank

O'Briens fabricate all product In house- Genuine locally made and supported products. We can also fabricate to almost any custom specification required.